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The Alentejo countryside as your tour mate. The atmosphere of the Alentejo is irresistible, from the sounds of the singing to the flavours of the food and wine.
Ride through medieval castles and palaces and stand where you can view eagles flying from above. Delight yourself with the picturesque landscapes of Alentejo, the immense cork and olive tree meadows and the rows of traditional whitewashed houses. Stop off at a vineyard, taste the Alentejo world renowned nectar and visit the wine cellars. Be enchanted by the beauty of the UNESCO city of Évora and travel back to ancient time at the Stone Circles.
Arrival to Lisbon airport and VIP transfer to Évora (2hours driving).
You will be lodged at the perfect accommodation for such a wonderful city, an exclusive Historic Hotel & Spa that dates back to the XV Century, The Luxury Collection Convento do Espinheiro.
Enjoy the most of this experience with a Chef’s signature gourmet dinner and loosen up!
Following a delicious breakfast, we’ll do the fitting of the bikes and start our biking trough the typical Alentejo landscape of cork trees… after all we are on our way to visit Azaruja, where the cork factories are located . A tour to a local factory will show us how versatile this product can be.
Afterwards, we’ll meet our Chef for a unique picnic on a fantastic spot, by a local Dam . Then it’s time to get on the bikes and head to the World Heritage UNESCO city of Évora, to our next stop, the Cartuxa Winery Estate , a former Jesuit house, for the Jesuits who taught at the university of Évora. In 1776 it took on a new function as a significant wine cellar producing wines from the region’s grapes.
From here it’s time to get back to the enchantments of our luxury hotel.
After the most delicious breakfast at the charming Convento, we’ll get on our bikes and head to Arraiolos.
The town is famous for its embroidered wool rugs and carpets that have been made since the Middle Ages . Just imagine the skill and experience acquired in centuries of artistic practice that convey to the hands of these Portuguese handcrafters. After a visit to a tapestry production, we will continue by an old railway turned into a biking route . The terrain is 100% non asphalt, but quite easy to pedal through. For lunch you will experience one of the most exclusive picnics ever, at the old railway station Graça do Divor. We’ll continue to cycle by the old railway tracks and marvel at the purple flowers that will escort us back to Convento do Espinheiro. It’s now time to relax and make the best of the luxury spa that this wonderful hotel as to offer.
Are these remote islands the Atlantic’s best-kept secret?
T he dogs sensed it first. Tremors deep in the bowels of the earth set them whimpering. Then goats grew nervous, straining at their tethers.
Shortly after sunrise the villagers were woken by a terrible whistling that became a roar as ash, rocks and lava exploded from a volcanic vent above their homes. “The noise was so great it hurt my ears,” said mountain guide Juan Santos.
The eruption of Pico de Fogo in Cape Verde in November 2014 claimed no casualties or world headlines, but streams of lava slowly engulfed the homes of more than a thousand people who lived within its giant crater.
By the time I arrived the following year they were returning to tend vines and vegetable patches. Farmers invited us to taste surprisingly smooth wines produced from vines growing in volcanic ash.
Our guide said: “To them the volcano is a friend. It takes, but it gives back tenfold. It’s thanks to the volcano that they have farms, and pensions and restaurants for tourists.”
We met the crater dwellers of Fogo (Fire Island) on a voyage from Cape Verde to the Western Sahara and Morocco on a small ship with an open-bridge policy. This is the stuff of Conrad novels – the thrill of standing by a seaman at the helm and “raising” hills and craggy shores from the Atlantic.
I first heard of the desolate, windswept islands off Africa’s west coast through the songs of Cesaria Evora. She brought to the world the sweet melancholy of morna, sensual melodies expressing the despair of wanting to stay, but having to leave. Musicians say it is the soul of Cape Verde.
Our first stop on Hebridean Sky was Evora’s home town of Mindelo on Sao Vicente. In the 19th century it was a British coal refuelling station for ships, and a squalid den of prostitutes, beggars and smugglers. In 1855 soldier and scribe Alfred Burdon Ellis described Mindelo as “perhaps the most wretched and immoral town I have seen…”
Having cleaned up its act, the town now prides itself on being the cultural capital of Cape Verde, but I came too late to hear Evora singing her haunting ballads. When she died in 2011 flags flew at half-mast for two days of national mourning. I found her marble grave on the outskirts of town, bearing a portrait of how her fans remember her, eyes closed, grasping a microphone.
The advantages of visiting remote islands on a ship carrying barely 100 passengers soon became clear.Sea Explorer offered space for quiet reflection in the library and lounges, and on the open decks. Ashore, we were small groups of travellers rather than tidal waves of tourists. On-board guides, experts in their fields, had time to discuss the history and culture of ports of call, and to recap each day’s events.

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While trying to rationalize this disgraceful act, Al-Islam admits that just as it is in the case with prostitution, the women in Mut’a are also “rented” ( hired ). Women who are hired for sex can never be anything but prostitutes. Why did Allah then sanction prostitution and make it lawful in the first place? The fact that Allah sanctioned adultery and prostitution, however briefly, is a cause for concern. How can Allah legalize prostitution and call it marriage?
Let us now refer to the statement of Dr. Musa al Musawi . In his book, “The Shi’ites and the Reformation , ” he gave the following verdict regarding Mut’a :
This contractual marriage contains a license for licentiousness and degradation of woman’s dignity, the thing which we do not find even among permissive societies in ancient and modern history . ( p.109 ).
Then on page 111 , he provided some additional characteristics of this type of marriage:
This marriage is carried out without a witness. The period of this marriage could be a quarter of an hour, or a day, or any period of time. In it, it is permissible for a man to have collectively an unaccountable number of women at the same time. The woman may not inherit her husband’s possessions, and a man does not give alimony to the spouse. Divorce is also carried out without a witness . This marriage is nothing but a license to practice sex provided that the woman is not married to another man. (Source: Behind the Veil)
Dr. Musawi has a Ph.D. in Islamic law from the University of Tehran. He taught Islamic philosophy and was elected as President of the Supreme Counsel of West America. Of course, his criticism of the contractual marriage is appropriate. While believing that this type of marriage has been abolished, Dr. Musawi admitted to the following fact in his book:
All the scholars and legists without exception say that Muhammad made it lawful for his Companions from the very beginning . ( p.108 )
And Dr. Musawi added:
This contractual marriage contains a license for licentiousness and degradation of woman’s dignity, the thing which we do not find even among permissive societies in ancient and modern history . ( p.109 )
We now ask Muslims, including Dr. Musawi: Why did Allah inspire a verse in the Qur’an to sanction a practice “ which we do not find even among permissive societies in ancient and modern history.” ? Is this not an admission that the moral standards of those permissive societies are much higher then that of Islam? If you think the world of Islam, then reflect on this comparison between the moral standards of those permissive societies and Islam.
Another Sunni Muslim author, Dr. Salamah also wrote:
Mut’ah, on the other hand, is an open license for sexual pleasure with as many women as one can financially afford. The women who engage in Mut’ah are hired women; thus, it can be performed with all women irrespective of their age, character, conduct or religion. It requires no witnesses, nor is there any obligation on the man’s part to provide food and shelter to the woman. The only precondition is that the woman agrees to the price and the length of the Mut’ah and that the man pays her the compensation when he has relations with her. One can discern for himself whether such a practice leads to sheer promiscuity or promotes chastity. ( http://www.islamicweb.com )
Dr. Salamah is making a basically ethical argument that Mut’a is the same as fornication. We could not agree more. Why then did Allah permit fornication and promiscuity in the Qur’an? By believing that Mut’a is the same as fornication and having then to acknowledge of its original permissibility in Islam, Muslims cannot escape the fact that Allah and Muhammad sanctioned fornication and adultery in the Qur’an. Therefore, Muslims must admit that the Allah they worship and the Prophet they follow promoted prostitution and try to pass it off as marriage. This is deception on their part and many a woman became the innocent victim of their deceit.
Sunni Muslim scholars try to conceal the shame and disgrace attached to Islam by the original permissibility of Mut’a in the Qur’an. On the one hand, they acknowledge that Mut’a is the same as adultery, but at the same time, they are forced to acknowledge its original permissibility Allah. Worse still, it is also considered as the “good things” of Allah. To consider acts of adultery and fornication as “good things” – even once – is the worst theological disaster. Men can err but not God. By this single verse in the Qur’an ( Surah 5:87 ), Allah has proven himself to be the antithesis to the Holiness of God.
By regulating the institution of prostitution under the guise of marriage, Muhammad and Allah have opened the floodgates for descent Muslim women to be incorporated in this age-old profession. The adulterous and fornicatory poison is the same, only the label has been changed by Allah and Muhammad. Now, Muslim women can be both prostitutes and good Muslims too. Acts of shame have become acts of virtue. Religion is supposed to transform prostitutes into chaste women. However, in the religion of Islam, we find it the other way round – chaste women are turned into prostitutes. That is why Asma bint Abu Bakr , the daughter of the first Caliph, was proud to announce openly of her participation in Mut’a :

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